February 9, 2023

Traveling the world in a motorhome

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Renan and Lais Jereissati, Brazil

Travel bloggers. Travel entrepreneurs. Van life experts.

"Let´s make our dreams come true in our van!"

Hi, Renan and Lais! Tell us a bit about yourself!

We are Lais and Renan from São Paulo, nowadays we are known as Traveleiros. We are both are 29 years old. We met each other in 2012, and in2020, we got married and started to travel around the world in our motorhome.

Tell us something that you strongly believe in?

We are passionate about traveling doing different kinds of sports. Having freedom (financial, geographic, emotionally…) is one of the most important things for us, and we think all humans should have the right to do so.

We are very interested in how your journey of living in a motorhome started, tell us a little bit more…

Lais: In 2014, Renan asked me if I wanted to travel the world with him in a bike. Though I loved the idea of exploring the world, I rejected because I wanted to do it in a more comfortable way. The idea of living in a motorhome was born after this. After some discussion, we started to organize our finances, plans to develop a motorhome, and map out the places that we would like to explore.

After we set off, we started to share our travel experience online and we could have never imagined that our content could reach so many people and became so successful. We are happy, grateful, and proud of ourselves. Today we can share our stories with more than 5 millions of people around the world inspiring them to following their traveling dreams. Nowadays, travel is not only our passion, but also our work - to share our experience through different social medias and platforms, and we also run an agency helping more than 300 content creators creating interesting stories.

How’s life living in a motorhome?

It is an amazing experience and we would love more people to experience it, but we do understand this lifestyle is not for everyone. We have a small place to put everything that we want, a small bed and kitchen, a small area to work. We are always looking for a place to park and place with good internet signal. We always keep an eye on gas stations, water supply and bathrooms. Occasionally we could come across some amazing spots, other time we just need to figure things out ourselves. We try to be flexible as much as we could. We share a lot of our daily life’s on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram and Kwai if you want to look more into it😊  

We are always on our way and get ourselves prepared for anew adventure. We love the freedom to choose our path. Living in a motorhome was one of the most amazing choices that we did during the past few years and we do not regret.

What do you like most about your journey?

The most amazing experience was all around life living in our motorhome. We were learning everyday about life and resilience; our home is our car, and it was in constant movement. Sometimes, something happened which need fixing, we then rescheduled and re-plan all the agenda. Sometimes, there was nowhere to stop the van or there was no internet to work. We just need to figure the things out, just like our life in general.

Living in a small space, we spent most of our time together, we learnt more about each other every single day and had more understanding of our relationship and what we wanted in life. We realised we want to maintain our lifestyle in motorhome, we ended up constructing a second motorhome which was bigger and more comfortable. We are going to sell all Wanderlust (our actual home). We love sports and we have a bunch of equipment that we call happiness kit and we realized that we need more space for it.


Have you come across any difficulties on the way?

The pandemic hit on us in 2020 after two months on the road, which was a very difficult period. It was very difficult to live in a motorhome for 5 months with everything closed. There was doubt that if we should go back home for our own comfort, but we didn’t do that because going back to the old environment might mean we never set off again. We believe that there was always good and tough times in life, we just need to hold on to our plan and be faithful in it. See what we have achieved today?

What advice do you have for people that want to adventure through the world?

Financial planning is essential for everything.

Define a date to start and have a clear objective.

Know what you want to do, and not what people want you to do.

If a travel company wanted to engage traveller like yourself to travel with them more, what advice do you have for them?

We believe it’s important for companies to have a good digital presence and understand what people are looking for. For example, we are very concerned with nature, therefore we would like to see brands engaged with ecotourism and sustainability.

We would like to engage with companies that can offer wonderful experience during our adventurous. Something that we could not achieve if we did the same activity alone. We also hope that our followers can have the same or even better experience than we had with the same company


Would you like to share your stories with us?

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