As an igniter

you can...

Ignite and
influence ideas

By collaborating on projects that are important to you and your passions, your contributions will ignite exciting ideas and inspire changes for the future of brands, organizations and our society.

and learn

By working alongside our amazing team of researchers and other igniters from around the world, you will discover the latest innovations and gain access to new perspectives and viewpoints.

Recognition for
amazing work

You will receive rewards for sharing your knowleldge and expertise, providing feedback on the latest innovations, and helping to shape the future of products, services and brands.

and share

You can share your own stories, initiatives and passions withother like-minded people whilst making meaningful connections with otherigniters across the globe.

You might be

one of us too!

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If you'd like to be a part of the Collective, collaborate with existing like-minded members, or just chat to us...

Jason from The Ignite Collective

Verve Collaborations
Improving things that matter to people. Interested in wellness, ancient philosophies and discovering a world of fun and useless facts.

Cherry from The Ignite Collective

The Ignite Collective
Collaborating with wonderfully diverse perspectives. Interested in culture, travel and recording the crazy stories of dreams.

Cherry from The Ignite Collective

The Ignite Collective
Collaborating with incredible people to develop a better world. Interested in adventure, travel, wellness, sustainability, and local culture.