March 23, 2023

Gen Z’s thoughts of Gap year?

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“Should I take a gap year?”

This is a question that many Gen Z ask themselves.

With the help of modern technology, Gen Zs from different part of the world are becoming more creative with their Gap Year travel, from how they manage their school work, how they fund their journey to how they connect with local people while traveling.  

Recently, we’ve interviewed many Gen Z travelers from different part of the world to explore their view of Gap Year travel…

What does Gap Year mean to you?

Ally (20, US):

A Gap Year is a time in your young-adult life where you explore before you jump into a profession. You learn about yourself and the world. It gives you life experience.

Fer (25, Brazil):

I was feeling a bit lost with my own life, and I want to take time out to find out about what life I really want. Traveling is about knowing more of the world and yourself, connecting with people and learn about different cultures and lifestyle.  I also want to be fully present with my experience, to feel it, whether it’s joy or pain. As a content creator, I also want to inspire others to travel, to find out more about possibilities in life.

Evgenia (24, Russia):

Gap year helps me to understand myself, find out about new ideas and learn from different cultures. I’m quite peaky in destination, I want to visit more of Asia and middle east to explore culture that’s different from my own.

I want to see what you can’t see on news and medias. For example, mainstream media doesn’t show a good image of China and many middle eastern countries, but I’ve met so many people who show me a different angle.

Madison (19, Australia):

Gap year to me is like a mini taster of adult life. A good way to learn new skill, an eye opener. It doesn’t have to be a ‘year’, you could do gap for a few weeks or a few months. I want to explore more before making decision for my next step.

Is the concept of Gap Year encouraged in your country?

Mille (19, UK):

Gap Year is quite encouraged in the UK! I had a lot of encouraging from my parents, but no so much from my school, because they would tell students to go straight to university.  I am in a small 5% of those who took a gap year! But still I feel a Gap Year is a lot more normal in the UK maybe compare to other countries.

Madison (19, Australia):

I feel our parents don’t really support the idea of gap year, they think students who are not good with school would go for gap year, it can mean waste a year in education. They might think that we do nothing but be playful during the journey. But actually, we travel and work and learn a lot.

Naringa (22, Lithuania):

I think gap year is not that common, but also not uncommon, probably2 out of 10 of us do it. Everyone knows someone who is doing it. University plays an important role in this, if university can invite travellers who did gap year to give speech, students will be more encouraged. That’s how I got inspired in my uni😊

Fer (25, Brazil):

The concept of ‘gap year’ is not very common in Brazil, our parents not really support it. Whereas I feel in the western countries, people love the concept, and many of my European friends feel judged if they are not doing it! Some people even get paid to do their gap year.

Evgenia (24, Russia):

Gap year is still not common in Russia, Russia university is very stressful. People don’t have free time for gap year. Also gap year could be very expensive for Gen Z here.

 Would you like to find out more about Gen Z and their gap year?

How do Gen Z fund their journey?

Where do they find out about Gap Year programme?

What are their top tips toward Gap year?

What are their hero brands during Gap year travel?


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