March 23, 2023

Backpack? No, I want to travel in style

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Junni, China

“Does Gen Z always travel in budget?”

“I want to be a world citizen.”

Hi, Junni! Tell us a bit about yourself!

I’m Junni from China, currently doing post graduate in finance & management in Germany. I’m also working in the field of digital marketing and E-commerce in Munich. I came to Europe in 2020 after finishing my bachelor’s degree in Shanghai, and did a year of Erasmus exchange semester in Portugal. In a long term, I aim to start my own company focus on international trade.

Tell us something that you are passionate about!

My biggest passion is travel. I would like to be a global citizen who can settle down everywhere at any time in the world! I really enjoy communicating with people from different countries and backgrounds, which allows me to learn about new cultures and ideas from different perspective.

I’m always curious about new things and willing to take challenges, which makes me quite a sporty person, I’m into scuba diving, paragliding, hiking, swimming, snorkelling, E-cart driving, etc.

How would you describe Gen Z generation?

I think the most important things for us are education and career. We also strongly believe in diversity and Inclusivity. We are a generation of freedom and entrepreneurship, less concern of limits and rules.

What are the ‘must haves’ for you in your travel?

I always travel in style. I always prepare enough unrepeatable clothes which allow me to take great photos and videos in style.(Actually, I also don’t want to do laundry during my travel haha).I believe it’s quite common for Asian girls to travel in this way as travel is a ‘ritual’. It’s the time when you get out from your daily routine and do it the way you like. We are our own ‘travel blogger’ in a way, and these memories will become even more valuable when I look back after years later.

Well … I would also like to say abundant funds to do whatever I want and cope with unexpected situations!

What are your top 3 advice for people who want to travel in style?

- Research your destination. Getting a good sense of the weather there. If it’s hot, natural fabrics, linen and cotton let your skin breathe a little more and you will feel more comfortable. It worth checking clothing rules as well to see if there’s anything else you need to consider.  For example, heels are forbidden at ancient monuments in Greece; in Spain, you’re forbidden to wear sandals while driving; and camouflage is a no-no in some Caribbean nations.

- Prepare some stylish accessories. There are styling accessories like gadgets that can make your styling true and alive. You can also play with some interesting additions that complete your traveling style. For example, when looking at phone cases and wallets, they can be trendy and can complement your outfit.

- Plan your skincare, especially if it’s a multi-stop trip with different climates. You’ll need rich, hydrating ones if going somewhere cold and lightweight for the heat.

What was your favourite moment during your travel?

The most amazing experience I had was the sea paragliding in Nice, France with my boyfriend. We really enjoyed the feeling off lying in the air. Overlooking the sea and the mountains from a height of 18meters, I would never forget that feeling. I felt my heart completely open and connected with the nature. At that moment, I told myself always be open minded and never set limits to yourself. That’s a very special moment for me and my boyfriend. Travel is more than exploration; it is also about sharing a special time with people you care about.

If a travel company wants to engage a traveller like yourself, what would your advice be?

It would be good to design an all included travelling package which involves everyday activity plus accommodations targeting travellers who are after instagrammable style travel. Maybe arrange places to stay and visit where we can take quality photos and videos, a tour photographer would be even better!

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